World Telemedia 2018 – THE BIG BLOCKCHAIN SHAKE UP!


In association with The Fintech Times

Traditional digital transaction processing is being challenged on all sides. If you sell goods of services or have a need for distributed ledgers, the blockchain is sure to have an impact. The future is potentially very bright for our industry – if you’re part of the evolution and not getting crushed by the revolution.

  • Connecting to the blockchain ecosystem
  • Transaction and data security
  • Implementation, costs & benefits

(Prez) Payment Systems of the Future & the Role of DLT
(Speak) Kate Goldfinch, Science Editor, The Fintech Times

(Prez) How Blockchain is Going to Change the World
From Paypal to Bitcoin, paper to blockchain based land registries and indeed the bookmaker to BETR, blockchain technology will herald an era of innovation akin to the onset of the web in 1995/6. Having witnessed the latter first hand with the world’s first online gambling site in 1995 Adriaan sets the scene for the next 10 years.

  • What happens to existing incumbents? (Uber vs taxis/Netflix vs blockbuster) or does their business model change?
  • Can a world survive and prosper without intermediaries (banks, governments)?
  • Could the disintermediated world actually be a better place?
  • How will we get there?

(Speak) Adriaan Brink ~ CEO, BETR Foundation
(Chair) Ingrid Silver ~ Partner, Reed Smith (Entertainment & Media Industry Group)


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