Why Aren’t You Billing More On Mobile?


Carrier billing and the wider world of mobile payments just makes sense, right?

It’s quick and easy to use in just about any global market. It’s safe, secure and transparent and it perfectly meets the behavioural demands of today’s connected “on the move” consumers. They want to pay for everything from subscription services and ticketing to dating and charitable donations and pretty much anything in between – and the telemedia industry is making that happen.

Do you think your business should be billing more on mobile?

If the answer is yes and you want to be part of the industry that’s unlocking the true potential of mobile payments, you need to be in Marbella 14th – 16th October 2019. At World Telemedia you’ll discover how to link your customer engagement strategies with billing solutions that drive sales of value added services, premium applications and create opportunities to monetise your brand, data and content across established and emerging unbanked markets.

See you there.

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