Visiting – Prague 2015

Welcome to Prague – It’s not just about the beer you know?

We’re delighted to announce that the 51st World Telemedia show will be hosted in the 15th largest city in the European Union and the historical capital of Bohemia. The 1989 Velvet Revolution (that freed the Czechs from communism) bequeathed [to Europe]this gem of a city; which stands beside stalwarts such as Paris, Rome, Amsterdam and London. Prague’s maze of cobbled lanes and hidden courtyards is a paradise for the intrepid explorer, always beckoning you to go a little further!

Since the invention of Pilsner Urquell in 1842, the Czechs have been famous for producing some of the world’s finest brews. Now, internationally famous brands such as Urquell, Staropramen and Budvar have been rivalled and even surpassed by a multitude of traditional regional microbreweries.

So how can you not love a city that has a pub with vinyl cushions on the wall above the gents’ urinal (so you can rest your head while you ‘go’)? Where you can order a beer by simply placing a beer mat on the table? And where that beer is probably the best in the world? But it’s not just exquisite ale and a wonderfully relaxed drinking culture that keep bringing people back to Prague – there’s wit and weirdness in equal measure – and no more so than around 10 – 12 November!

Stylish Venue – Limited rooms at just €80 inc. breakfast

The event returns to the stylishly modern Corinthia Hotel which boasts unrivalled panoramic views of this magical UNESCO World Heritage city. Attendees should book early to secure one of just 80 rooms we’ve managed to reserve at our special delegate rate.

Please note, we highly recommend that you make early arrangements to stay at the Corinthia Hotel itself because, whilst it is located just minutes from some of the city’s main cultural and business highlights [including the Vysehrad Park, Wenceslav Square and the Pankrac], you will be reliant on taxis or public transport to get there from other city locations.

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