Conference – Prague 2015

Tuesday 10th November

12:00 Noon – Registration Opens

17:30 Keynote Presentations – Global Opportunities for Telemedia

Media, brands, retailers and many other verticals are all trying to close the loop between engagement and sales – so charge to mobile high on the agenda. Here we set out the explore the opportunities for our industry.

  • Consumber Research into PRS
    Nick Lane, Mobilesquared
  • Living with Apple, oogle and PayPal
    Rory Maguire, AIME

Wednesday 11th November

11:00 Carrier Billing

An in-depth look at how charge to mobile is developing successfully in different regulatory environments across the globe.

  • PSD2 in Europe
    Rory Maguire, AIME
  • A Global “Sleeping Giant” – Why?
    John Baross, President & Founder, Fincclude Inc.

12:30 Fincclude Workshop

  • Driving Awareness and Financial Inclusion
    John Baross, President & Founder, FINCCLUDE Inc.

15:00 Strategic Telecoms

In this session we guide you through issues surrounding network technologies and fraud prevention and take a look at the positive role our industry plays in their future development of emerging international markets for iprs and wholesale traffic.

  • Supporting Emerging Markets
    Josef Bruckschloegl, Kwak Telecom
  • IPRS & Collecting Traffic
    Tim Williams, Director, Felix Telecom
    Eric Pomeroy, Co Founder, ArribaCom

Thursday 12th November

11:00 Key Telemedia Verticals

What content, services and applications deserve to command a premium and how aggregators, sps and l2s can exploit the most powerful marketing channels to reach a modern high tech consumer.