Telecom 2

The company behind star products such as the APEX Cloud Call centre and business PABX, VeriMe – Age verification, Intelligent VoIP and PSTN call routing and much more. We’re an innovative company founded on a wealth of experience from across the telecommunications industry.

As a licensed network operator we are worldwide specialists in inbound and outbound (VoIP and PSTN) telephony, global payment solutions and are fully redundant over multiple sites. We offer an extensive portfolio of products and services:

• Premium, geographic, non-geographic and mobile numbers • International numbers • 118 DQ service • Interactive Voice Response • Outbound call management • Number porting • International Bulk SMS • Surf and Pay (IVR & web based credit card solution) • Pay for Product • Co-Location • Virtual network solution • Call Centre solutions (VoIP PBX) • Call centre fulfilment • Ready-made Interactive Services

What sets us apart from our competitors is not necessarily what we do but how we do it; our innovate user-friendly products and exceptional customer service underpins everything we do and we are confident that, whatever your business, we will have the answers.

Come and find out why we claim that excellent results start with excellent products.