Performance Digital Agency

Singapore-based company providing unparalleled Affiliate Marketing & Mobile services. Our huge inventory of mobile apps and websites from all around the globe, provides over 100M impressions a day.

What do we do:

  • Production
  • Technical Integration
  • Marketing
  • Market Monitoring
  • Compliance

Our working flows:

  • 1-click
  • SMS
  • PIN submit

Our subscription-based services:

  • Games
    Game libraries with more than 250 premium games for Windows, Android, iOS, Mac OSX users.
  • Utilities
    Web services for secure internet browsing and convenient file sharing.
  • Videos
    Online video catalogue with more than 100 videos.
  • Lifestyle
    Web services that help users to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Sport
    Mobile video streaming & sport-related content for different countries.
  • Crypto
    Services for crypto market earnings and analytics

Company details:

Headquarters: Singapore, Singapore

Year founded: 2017

  • Website: http://sfbtech.org
  • Email: roman.p@sfbtech.org or arina.t@sfbtech.org
  • Tel: +65 3158 7657