Omar Oualili

Head of Client Services, Empello

Omar is currently Head of Client Services at Empello which he joined 4 years ago. He has developed a considerable experience in compliance in the VAS industry through Empello’s leading anti-fraud products, FraudScan and FraudStop. Through his role, Omar’s focus is on the Middle East and North Africa region.

Empello is the market-leading provider of Anti-Fraud, Fraud monitoring, Fraud defence as well as Analysis & Testing for the Mobile Payments (VAS) sector. We enable our clients to:

  • find fraudulent marketing and fraudulent payments across all channels in Web, App and Social
  • actively defend against and stop attempts at fraudulent charging, transactions and subscriptions
  • ensure VAS, DCB and SMS services are working correctly in the local environment
  • understand fraud and marketing trends across the industry, and at the level of mobile operators, merchants, ad networks and ad channels
  • reduce customer complaints and regulatory risk