David Lotfi

CEO, Evina

As his last internship as part of his Telecom Engineering school, David integrated a Parisian startup which edited Direct Carrier Billing services. Within a few years, the company grew to 50 people and reached 15 Million EUR turnover. With hard work and determination, he quickly became the CTO leading a team of 20 developers. In 2013, massive schemes of fraud started to appear in the market. David, followed by a few key people having worked with him for the last 10 years, left the company to create Evina, an independent and innovative anti-fraud actor. Evina edits DCB protect, which is now the leading anti-fraud solution on the market and adopted by all the key editors, aggregators and operators (Proximus, Bouygues, Play, Digital Virgo, Alchimie, PM Connect and more).