2018 Spotlight Sessions

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Tuesday 9th October 2018

Mobilesquared logo

Sponsored by Mobilesquared
Having undertaken the most comprehensive Telemedia research project ever, Mobilesquared reveal some key findings on the size and scope of the global Telemedia market and release some invaluable strategic data.
  • What % of mCommerce is direct carrier billing?
  • Growth potential for DCB after PSD2
  • Global expansion for the “unbanked”

(Speak) Nick Lane ~ Mobile Insight Analyst, Mobilesquared
(Chair) Tim Green ~ Associate Analyst, Juniper Research
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fonix logo

Sponsored by Fonix
From ticketing to society lotteries and from e-books to gym passes, Fonix reveal where the opportunities lie for this core payment solution. This whistle-stop tour provides an insight into the next generation of content, service and applications that are unlocking the potential for carrier billing.
  • Why mpayments are changing the game
  • (Case) Ticketing, live sports, lotteries, passes & more
  • Capitalise on “the point of need” purchases
  • Comparison with other payment methods

(Speak) Rob Weisz ~ CEO, Fonix

(Prez) Get Competitive with Carrier Billing
  • How to compete in today’s payment market
  • (Case) The Norwegian model
  • Competitive advantages of carrier billing
  • How to convert more payments

(Speak) Frode Alvad ~ Head of Product & Business Development, Strex

(Panel) Vladdimir Mitic ~ Regional Manager, Macrokiosk
(Panel) Nick Daley ~ Director of Commercial Solutions, mGage
(Panel) Caroline Press ~ Project Management (Payment Services), Three
(Chair) Nick Lane ~ Mobile Insight Analyst, Mobilesquared
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In association with The Fintech Times
Traditional digital transaction processing is being challenged on all sides. If you sell goods of services or have a need for distributed ledgers, the blockchain is sure to have an impact. The future is potentially very bright for our industry – if you’re part of the evolution and not getting crushed by the revolution.
  • Connecting to the blockchain ecosystem
  • Transaction and data security
  • Implementation, costs & benefits

(Prez) Payment Systems of the Future & the Role of DLT
(Speak) Kate Goldfinch, Science Editor, The Fintech Times

(Prez) How Blockchain is Going to Change the World
From Paypal to Bitcoin, paper to blockchain based land registries and indeed the bookmaker to BETR, blockchain technology will herald an era of innovation akin to the onset of the web in 1995/6. Having witnessed the latter first hand with the world’s first online gambling site in 1995 Adriaan sets the scene for the next 10 years.
  • What happens to existing incumbents? (Uber vs taxis/Netflix vs blockbuster) or does their business model change?
  • Can a world survive and prosper without intermediaries (banks, governments)?
  • Could the disintermediated world actually be a better place?
  • How will we get there?

(Speak) Adriaan Brink ~ CEO, BETR Foundation
(Chair) Ingrid Silver ~ Partner, Reed Smith (Entertainment & Media Industry Group)
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In association with The Fintech Times
Cryptocurrency created a $10bn eco system that came from nowhere, but as yet has not delivered the promise of global payments. 2019 & 2020 looks set to become the era when crypto switches from speculation to real commerce. Merchants should not ignore this opportunity to target a rapidly growing community that is literally 1 click from purchase.
  • Market overview and growth statistics
  • VAS & content applications
  • (Case) Crypto commerce explained

(Speak) David Wainwright ~ Founder, TheRedBox

(Prez) Token Economics & Blockchain for Mobile Games
(Speak) Tony Pearce ~ CEO, Reality Clash

(Panel) Adriaan Brink ~ CEO, BETR Foundation
(Chair) Kate Goldfinch, Science Editor, The Fintech Times
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SEE Engagement logo

Sponsored by SEE Engagement
People love digital content because it’s convenient, instant and spontaneous. They love ‘real world’ content because it’s tactile, communal and raw. So how can brands deliver the best of both? This session tells the story of how US sports event organisers have harnessed digital tools to power:
  • Access, entry and ticketing
  • Payment and top ups
  • Dashboard of real-time account information
  • Exclusive content and special offers

(Speak) Nigel Tatlock ~ Director, SEE Engagement

(Prez) The Internet of Me: How Consumers Can Take Back Control of Their Data
We live in a world of data sharing and every organisation wants our details. This causes problems of privacy/security and inefficiency. Changing or porting info from one place to another is complex when the data is in dozens of different silos. The IoM could be the solution – whereby control of personal data is returned to the individual [from enterprise]and they can update and share it with brands they trust… on their own terms. This short presentation describes the concept and the companies behind it.
(Speak/Chair) Tim Green ~ Associate Analyst, Juniper Research
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Opticks logo

Sponsored by Opticks
Platform security has become a major issue for internet marketers as fraudsters evolve ever more sophisticated techniques to generate problematic traffic – that puts your business at risk. This session reveals the most common causes of fraudulent subscriptions to MVAS and App promotions and how to avoid unwanted clicks and carrier fines.
  • Scraping, scalping, clickjacking
  • Bots & malware APKs
  • Misleading flows

(Speak/Chair) Geoffrey Cleaves ~ General Manager, Opticks

(Panel) Enric Sabaté ~ COO, Billy Mobile
(Panel) Alexis Bartelds ~ Co-Founder, Sam Media
(Panel) Paola Silano ~ Co-Founder, Cookies Factory
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Messaging has always been core to the user experience and it’s evolving into an essential marketing channel – delivering a personalised interactive experience. Find out how to intelligently engage customers, boost marketing campaign response and drive ROI through smarter messaging engagement in this session.
  • Deliver, response, conversion, revenue & retention
  • Integrating the mobile channel
  • A2P & RCS – the evolution of SMS
(Prez) SMS Vs OTT Messaging – The Messaging War Has Just Begun?
Viber has been “the disruptive new born” of OTT, arriving with bags of promise. WhatsApp and RCS are next – ready to do battle with the international messaging giants and fighting for a piece of the market that’s set to grow by another 35% in 2019! The messaging industry is still alive and kicking, offering amazing opportunities to those who react proactively. This presentation reveals the future of messaging?
  • How should SMS players react?
  • OTT market share / stats
  • The multi-messaging channel
  • Wholesaler strategies

(Speak) Andreas Constantinides ~ Mobile Insight Analyst, Yuboto

(Case) SMS to RCS The Evolution of Messaging
(Speak) Vladimir Mitic ~ Regional Manager, Macrokiosk

(Prez) RCS – A Game Changer for Mobile Marketing
(Speak) Nick Lane ~ Mobile Insight Analyst, Mobilesquared
(Panel) Muhammed Fareed ~ Head of Carrier & Business Development, Message Cloud
(Panel) Nick Daley ~ Director of Commercial Solutions, mGage
(Chair) Tim Green ~ Associate Analyst, Juniper Research
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Wednesday 10th October 2018

The engagement landscape has changed beyond recognition but the desire to interact has never been stronger. From gameshows, to lotteries and from interactive TV to charities, how can your business fit into a winning format; with ‘must have’ interaction and fair monetisation that keeps the audience coming back for more?
(Prez) Where Broadcast & Telecoms Meet Digital Media
(Speak) Joanna Cox ~ GM, Association for Interactive Media & Micropayments (former) Head of Client Services, Channel 5

(Prez) In Vision – Transactional TVWith 1.57 billion households having a TV, it’s still the dominant screen for watching entertainment. Add to this circa 4bn smartphones and the convergence of these two mediums provides a prefect return path for interactivity and billing. The market for interactive television currently stands at around $60bn (including premium VOD services) – representing a huge opportunity for both content creators and media owners. This presentation investigates the market present and future and delivers a vision for the next 10 years.
  • 5 year market overview & analysis
  • Gameshows, lotteries & transactional formats
  • Emerging billing models
  • Prime time territories

(Speak) David Wainwright ~ CEO, Hollywood TV

(Panel) Clare Charles ~ Account Director, Fonix
(Chair) Claire McLaughlin ~ COO, The Cyber Authority (former) Head of Interactive Technology, BBC
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MCP Insight Logo

Sponsored by MCP
As opportunities for mVAS and premium digital content services become more global and advertising becomes more “multi-channel” – losing control can be costly.  This session explores how to manage successful advertising campaigns and build strong returns, whilst minimising risk and protecting your brand.
  • How the changing regulatory landscape is shaping advertising models   
  • Diversification of traffic sources & partners
  • Evolution of the network/content provider relationship  
  • Managing publishers & advertising
  • Performance analysis & campaign tracking
  • Monetizing traffic – Optimizing waste / cheap traffic
  • Media buying: Google Adwords, Social Media, Adexchange
  • Affiliation and media buying

(Panel) Karen Cuilla ~ Global Business Development & PR Director, Kimia
(Panel) Emilie Clauss ~ International Business Development Manager, Digital Virgo
(Panel) Josep Maria Avila ~ Business Development Manager, Google
(Chair) Toby Padgham ~ Co-Founder & Director, MCP
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Now the defacto route for mVAS providers [to access global markets], how do performance networks fit into the value chain to deliver the best possible results for the end user and what issues need to be addressed to create sustainable and profitable partnerships?
  • Content quality
  • PSMS opportunities
  • Affiliate v traditional channels
  • The role of ad networks
  • Understanding affiliates – models, incentives, pricing, IOs
  • Mobile advertising / performance monitoring
  • Working with billing aggregators
  • Managing traffic

(Speak) Muhammed Fareed ~ Head of Carrier & Business Development, Message Cloud

(Panel) Jason Kilby ~ Founder / CRO, Aragon Advertising
(Panel) Bobby Verlaat ~ Head of Publishers, Sinum Vendo
(Chair) James McAteer ~ CEO, COSMIK
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So you’re in a successful partnership with the right billing provider, promoting a range of premium VAS, content and services that are engaging “connected” consumers – but how can you maximise ROI and ARPU?

(Prez) Making Sustainable Profit with Performance Networks
So as more mVAS merchants become increasingly reliant on performance networks to increase conversions and acquire new paying customers across a wide variety of global markets – what key factors will ensure success?
  • Advertising strategies (social, email, display)
  • Implementing the right technology
  • Choosing a performance network partner
  • Optimising traffic / monetising clicks / increasing ARPU
  • Traffic sources – reducing the gap between traffic and offer

(Speak) Karen Cuilla~ Global Business Development & PR Director, Kimia

(Prez) Monetising Traffic With Smart Links
Your sites will attract a variety of traffic “types” – so it’s important to have a marketing strategy that fully optimises this important asset. This presentation will reveal where to find remnant/exit traffic and explain how to send it to a smartlink.
  • How do they work
  • How smart are they?
  • Segmentation & targeted offers
  • Optimising waste / cheap traffic

(Speak) Léon Dijksman~ Sales Director, 12 Cas$h

(Panel) Emilie Clauss ~ International Business Development Manager, Digital Virgo
(Chair) Paul Skeldon ~ Editor in Chief, Telemedia Magazine
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So after three days of business networking, meetings, information exchanges, spotlight sessions, country updates and parties …. What have we learned about how to successfully drive sales of VAS, digital content and premium apps – using the wide variety of billing and engagement technologies at our disposal?
  • VAS / content / app verticals to target
  • Which billing mechanisms will shine
  • How to internationalise your business?
  • Target / engage / convert a fast-moving millennial

(Panel) Paul Skeldon ~ Editor in Chief, Telemedia Magazine
(Chair) Jarvis Todd ~ CEO, World Telemedia
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