2017 Spotlight Sessions

Tuesday 10th October 2017

Mobile Squared Logo

10:00 Value Added Services – The Global Market
Sponsored by Mobile Squared
“Standards for VAULT (Value Added Utility & Lifestyle Transactions)”
Discover the next wave of content and services being purchased using mobile payments; from ticketing to health apps to pizzas. This whistle-stop “case study tour” reveals the huge potential for telemedia services across the globe.
  • How is Apple utilising carrier billing
  • The move to physical goods
  • What is the demand for “old skool” content & services

Nick Lane ~ Mobile Insight Analyst, Mobilesquared
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11:00 Carrier Billing Market Overview
Sponsored by Centili
“Elevating Content & Tech For The Future of Direct Carrier Billing”
Evolving the role of payment tech providers inside the DCB ecosystem. How content and tech are used to power healthy, mutually-beneficial relationships between users, operators, and merchants.
  • Relevance of content quality
  • Tech innovations drive conversion growth and security
  • Impact and benefits on the DCB ecosystem

Stefan Kostic ~ CEO, Centili
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RGK Logo

12:00 VAS & Content Distribution
Sponsored by RGK
“Virtual Content Provider – the next evolutionary step”
Speed to market, additional incremental revenues and new business opportunities emerge as content provision moves to the next level.
  • The VCP concept
  • Essential tools
  • White label strategies
  • Key vertical – case study

Vladimir Yuzak ~ Business Development Officer, RGK
(panel) George Ursateanu ~ Managing Director, CLIQ Digital
(panel) David Jordan ~ Performance Director, Billy Mobile
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14:00 Affiliate Market Overview
Now the defacto route for mVAS providers [to access global markets], how does this dynamic sector fit into the value chain and what issues need to be addressed to create sustainablbe and profitable partnerships?    
  • Affiliate marketing v traditional channels
  • The role of ad networks / market structure  
  • Understanding affiliates – models, incentives, pricing, IOs  
  • Mobile advertising / performance monitoring
  • Compliance within VAS / PRS boundaries

Joao Oliveira ~ Head of Advertisers, MOBIDEA
(panel) James McAteer ~ CEO, COSMIK
(panel) Macarena Cenalmor Gonzalez ~ VP Client Services, Mobusi Mobile Advertising
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Kimia Logo

15:00 Affiliate Marketing Strategies
Sponsored by Kimia
So as more mVAS merchants become increasingly reliant on performance networks to increase conversions and acquire new paying customers across a wide variety of global markets – what key factors will ensure success?
  • Advertising strategies (social, email, display)
  • Implementing the right technology  
  • Choosing a performance network partner
  • Optimising traffic / monetising clicks / increasing ARPU
  • Traffic sources – reducing the gap between traffic and offer

Karen Ciulla ~ Business Development Manager, Kimia
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MCP Logo

16:00 The Value of Monitoring Services
Sponsored by MCP
As advertising opportunities for mVAS and premium digital content becoming more global and more “multi-channel” – losing control can be costly. This session explores how the use of monitoring services can reduce complaints, protect brand and help build billing receipts.
  • Managing affiliates / publishers / advertising
  • Managing risks, ensuring compliance  
  • Market analysis / intelligence
  • Fighting fraud / misleading flows  

Declan Pettit ~ Commercial Director, MCP
(panel) Massimo Cristini ~ CEO, BlockFraud
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17:00 VAS & VAULT Market Valuation
Sponsored by Mobile Squared
“Evaluating This ‘Billion Dollar’ Industry”
Everyone likes a big number for their presentations, and the VAS / VAULT industry is no different. Mobilesquared have crunched their own extensive in-house market data and 3rd party figures – to provide a top-level overview of market value and growth potential.
  • mCommerce is worth $150+ pa, what % is carrier billing?
  • What is the next phase in direct carrier billing worth?
  • Growth potential of direct carrier billing

(launch) “Global PRS Market Report”
Mobilesquared are launching a new research project into the size of the global Telemedia market. With its huge potential strategic value to the industry – attend this session to find out how and why you need to be a stakeholder in this project.
Nick Lane ~ Mobile Insight Analyst, Mobilesquared
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Wednesday 11th October 2017

10:00 OTT Messaging – WhatsApp, Facebook & Skype
“Mobile Apps & VAS – Opportunities Ahead”
Understanding the power of OTT communication services (like Whatsapp and Skype) is key; find out how to harness their power and engage consumers with targeted / relevant solutions.
  • Overview of successful VAS services
  • Competing with Whatsapp & Skype
  • Earning customer loyalty through analysis
  • Transforming apps into mobile wallets (open/closed loop)

Rohan Ravindran ~ Director, 12 Telecom
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Basebone Logo 10th Anniversary

11:00 Using Direct Carrier Billing for Global Expansion
Sponsored by Basebone
Digital content merchants have found payments [in emerging markets]a real challenge, however the introduction of low-mid level smartphones – is helping to grow the mobile ecosystem with online direct carrier billing solutions.
  • Regional stats and facts
  • (case) Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Egypt
  • (case) India, Pakistan, Bangladesh
  • (case) Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines

James McNab ~ Managing Director Africa, Basebone
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Veoo Logo

12:00 Payment Requirements for Emerging Markets
Sponsored by Veoo
“Making online payments simple for smaller emerging countries?”
Cracking emerging markets can be tough – as consumers often don’t have bank accounts or credit cards. However in app mobile solutions can provide the key to unlocking huge revenue potential across the globe.
  • (case) IPayer in Latin American & Asia
  • Successful content & VAS profiles
  • Achieving network compliance

Matthew Winters ~ CEO, Veoo
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AIMM logo

14:30 Rules & Regulations Update
Sponsored by AIMM 
  • PSA – Latest Regulatory Updates
  • Payforit Updates & Developments
  • Working With KPIs & Principles
  • Impact Of General Data Protection Regulations

Rory Maguire ~ Managing Director, Association of Interactive Media & Micropayments
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