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International Premiums

International Premiums provides you with not only EXCLUSIVE International premium numbers but also fully comprehensive Audiotext services such as IVR hosting, Call centers and SMS services. International Premiums is the EXCLUSIVE owner of the following codes:

Comoros Islands +269 910
Congo +242 800
Guinea +224 55 / +224 70 / +224 78
Guinea Bissau +245 40
Liberia +231 33 25
Sierra Leone +232 21
Somalia +252 70 / +252 99

Whether you are an individual, a company, or a reseller, International Premiums offers you the HIGHEST and FASTEST payouts, a variety of payment terms that fit your business strategy as well as a GLOBAL access to our numbers to guarantee a maximum coverage and profitability.

Start using our International premium numbers NOW!

Mobile Life

Offering Premium Billing in the most dynamic markets in Latin America, Middle East, Africa and India offering aggregators, service providers & developers a complete range of go-to market tools delivering partners the fastest and most reliable connections and payment processing.

Mobile Life delivers local market knowledge with global expertise and facilitates market entry into its global mobile operator network bringing the very best and latest services to the ever expanding Latin American, Middle Eastern, African and Indian subscriber base. Mobile Life provides support from market due diligence through to successful integration and deployment of services and has successfully connected partners from Europe, N. America, Middle East and Asia into their global connections.

Markets served: Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, Ecuador, Paraguay, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Jordan, Bahrain, Kuwait, Egypt, India.

Veoo Logo


Veoo, the global mobile consultancy and leading provider of mobile messaging solutions, is a one stop shop for any business looking to implement an engaging and profitable mobile strategy. Facilitating SMS marketing, communication and billing to millions of mobile users globally, Veoo is an innovative, specialist mobile player, renowned for bringing value added solutions to market.

    Telecom2 Logo

    Telecom 2

    The company behind star products such as the APEX Cloud Call centre and business PABX, VeriMe - Age verification, Intelligent VoIP and PSTN call routing and much more. We’re an innovative company founded on a wealth of experience from across the telecommunications industry.

    As a licensed network operator we are worldwide specialists in inbound and outbound (VoIP and PSTN) telephony, global payment solutions and are fully redundant over multiple sites. We offer an extensive portfolio of products and services:

    • Premium, geographic, non-geographic and mobile numbers • International numbers • 118 DQ service • Interactive Voice Response • Outbound call management • Number porting • International Bulk SMS • Surf and Pay (IVR & web based credit card solution) • Pay for Product • Co-Location • Virtual network solution • Call Centre solutions (VoIP PBX) • Call centre fulfilment • Ready-made Interactive Services

    What sets us apart from our competitors is not necessarily what we do but how we do it; our innovate user-friendly products and exceptional customer service underpins everything we do and we are confident that, whatever your business, we will have the answers.

    Come and find out why we claim that excellent results start with excellent products.