2016 Conference

Tuesday 18th October 2016

17:30 Keynote: The Growing Importance of VAS to MNOs
John Strand ~ CEO, Strand Consult
Christian Göetz ~ Team Leader, BDO Global Telecoms
  • Opportunities for Value Added Services
  • Overcoming commercial & cultural differences
  • Impact of regulation and MNO sanctions
  • Obstacles to innovation for traditional telcos
  • What does net neutrality means for the sector?
  • The convergence of telecoms, media & technology

(Chaired by Rory Maguire ~MD, AIME)

Wednesday 19th October 2016

ACI Worldwide Logo10:30 The Expanding World of Payments
Alastair Walton ~ Business Development Director, ACI Worldwide
Tim Green ~ Editor, Mobile Money Revolution
Matthew Winters ~ CEO, Veoo
  • Premium rate & charge to mobile update
  • Mobile money / eMoney opportunities
  • Expanding wallets – key features & benefits

(Chaired by Nick Lane ~ Mobile Insight Analyst, MobileSquared)
Sponsored by ACI Worldwide

12:00 Carrier Billing To Engage & Convert
Nick Lane ~ Mobile Insight Analyst, MobileSquared
Rory Maguire ~ MD, AIME
Louisa Harris ~ Client Services Director, Fonix Mobile
  • VAS profiles & case studies in key verticals
  • Risk assessment for purchase models
  • Managing compliance over conversion rates
  • Merchant, affiliate & ad network perspective

(Chaired by Tim Green ~ Editor, Mobile Money Revolution)

14:45 Digital Advertising & Marketing of VAS
Mostafa Kamel ~ CEO, Crazy 4 Media Online
Rory Mudie ~ MD, Redbox Mobile PLC
Clive Goodman ~ Director, Goodman Associates
  • Programmatic advertising – an introduction
  • App store optimisation / discovery
  • The impact of ad-blocking
  • Mobile ads and carrier billing

(Chaired by Paul Skeldon ~ Editor, Telemedia Magazine)

black6Adv16:00 Connecting Merchants To Customers Panel
Karen Ciulla ~ Sales Director, Kimia
Markus Fischbacher ~ Founder & CEO, PRODUCTIVE8 GmbH
Thomas Tinker ~ (former) Bus Dev Manager Tekka UK, (current) MCP
Rory Mudie ~ MD, Redbox Mobile PLC
  • Acquiring “safe traffic” at the right price
  • Affiliate traffic & social media
  • Can Ad Networks manage affiliates?
  • The balance of power for mpayment traffic
  • Emerging markets and trends

(Co-Chairs Paul Skeldon ~ Editor, Telemedia Magazine & Boris Pelliccioni ~ CEO, black6ADV)
Sponsored by black6ADV

18:00 (20min) Managing Consumers – Workshop
Rory Maguire ~ MD, AIME
  • Consumer rights
  • Handling & understanding complaints
  • Customer flows & transaction information
  • CRM best practice & how it can fail

Thursday 20th October 2016

11:45 Creating Value From OTT Messaging – WhatsApp & Facebook
Rob Malcom ~ Global Board Member, MEF
Christian Göetz ~ Team Leader, BDO Global Telecoms
Steve Godman ~ Co-Founder & CEO, Soundmite
  • Opportunities in “conversational commerce”
  • Creative value around in app messaging
  • Monetising OTT services
  • Monetisation of social media – feat’ audio
  • Discovery, re-engagement & app fatigue

(Chaired by Steve Godman ~ Co-Founder & CEO, Soundmite)

13:00 Regulation Working Lunch – One Size Does Not Fit All
(Please feel free to bring your lunch in with you)
Rory Maguire ~ MD, AIME
  • MNO actions on Payforit and PSMS
  • EU rules for DOB
  • Risk– the need for proportionate regulation
  • Innovation – an adaptive regulatory approach
mGage Vivial logo14:30 Telemedia FOR The Media
Clive Goodman ~ Director, Goodman Associates
Michael Braybrook ~ Head of Business Development, mGage
  • ATL direct response trends – UK & Europe
  • How mobile can help bypass Google
  • Content conversion – print / desktop / mobile
  • Mobile engagement, monetisation & paywalls
  • Enhancing services with mobile data
  • Broadcast opportunities / applications

(Chaired by Claire McLaughlin ~ (former) Head of Interactive Technology, BBC (current) Business Development Global, Veoo)
Sponsored by mGage