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MediaTel Logo


    Platin Telecom Logo

    Platin Telecom

    Platin Telecom is a European company specializing in International Premium Rate Numbers (IPRN). IPRN is a value added service product, which can be sold internationally and used in countries where value added service numbers are not available. IPRN can be used for voice and data services, voting, live chats, call TV, quiz shows, and much ..... Continue reading »

    Dynamic Mobile Billing Logo

    Dynamic Mobile Billing

    Dynamic Mobile Billing is a global provider of payment and customer engagement solutions with local operations around the World and unrivalled mobile centric offerings. Our solutions includes Direct Carrier Billing, SMS billing, Mobile Money, Bulk Messaging, Voice number ranges and short-codes. Website: http://www.dynamicmobilebilling.com/ Email: Dynamic Mobile BillingTel: 0808 206 0808

    Kwak Telecom Logo

    kwak Telecom

    The kwak group consists of multiple organizations, which strive to bring better business solutions to their customers. Even though we have established offices in Multiple countries, we operate towards same goals and objectives as one body and mind. No matter in which part of the world you meet kwak representative, you will get same satisfaction ..... Continue reading »