Global VAS Research 2019

Telemedia Online & Mobilesquared Value Added Services & Carrier Billing Research 2019

There is very little market data available showing the size and value of the Value Added Service market, and forecasts covering the Carrier Billing market opportunity are extreme in differences. Given that World Telemedia is the annual meeting place for the VAS and Carrier Billing community, it made sense that research analyst experts Mobilesquared teamed up with Telemedia Online to utilise this annual gathering to tap into the vast knowledge base to explore the size and growth of premium voice services, of premium SMS, and of carrier billing. There is considerable focus on the latter, but very little attention these days paid to the traditional services that continue to generate… Well, that is the purpose of this exercise. To ascertain data to make market accurate market projections that in turn will help the industry develop trusted business plans.

The research findings will be released in a closed session at World Telemedia Marbella 14-16 October 2019.

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