WT 2019 Information Exchange Lunches

This new program is designed to maximise the value of our lunch breaks by bringing smaller groups of like-minded delegates “to the table”. Operated on a first come first serve basis, look out for the specially reserved areas where each table will be clearly marked with a daily theme and hosted by a number of experts in that particular field.

Tuesday 15th October 2019

13:00 Dating & Chat
Table 1
Hosted by Simon Corbett ~ Founder, Global Dating insights
13:00 Fraud & Security
Table 2
Hosted by Gavin Dent ~ Co-Founder, Empello
13:00 Direct Carrier Billing
Table 3
Hosted by Ler Khodaverdy ~ VP of Operations, Twistbox Entertainment
13:00 Subscription Services
Table 4
Hosted by Daniel Balfour ~ Director, Mobivate
13:00 International PRN
Table 5
Hosted by Stephane Allimant ~ Atlas Interactive Group

Wednesday 16th October 2019

14:00 E-Money & Alternative Payments
Table 1
14:00 Mobile Messaging & Advertising
Table 2
Hosted by Artem Podstreshny ~ CEO, Messaggio
14:00 Monetising Traffic
Table 3
14:00 Mobile Games & Gambling
Table 4