WT 2019 Country Updates

Empello together with co-presenters representing billing gateways, aggregators, service providers and / or network operators – will be on hand to answer all your questions about these exciting markets.

  • Market Overview
  • Latest News
  • Top Services
  • Major Content Providers
  • Billing & Subscription Options
  • Carrier & Regulator Rules
  • Compliance Overview
  • Marketing & Ad Flow (examples)
In addition to the regular program of County Updates, Empello will run an additional session covering:
(Prez) How to Avoid Paying for Bad Traffic
Many markets are shifting from CPA toward Google, Facebook & DSP ad traffic, so using technology to filter out poorly performing traffic sources is essential. When every click counts, sources sending fake or fraudulent traffic waste time and money. Empello’s on-page tech analyses and blocks bad traffic enabling you to contest ad partner fees, avoid bots, fraudsters, malware, invalid sources and other artificial traffic – find out how in the session on Tuesday at 11:30.

Tuesday 15th October 2019

09:30 UAE
Sahar Salama ~ CEO, T-Pay

10.30 EGYPT
Sahar Salama ~ CEO, T-Pay

11.30 How to avoid paying for bad traffic
Omar Oualili ~ Head of Client Services, Empello

12.30 KUWAIT
Ashley O’Kane ~ Head of Marketing and Partnerships, SLA Digital

14.00 POLAND
Nicolas Metay ~ Business Development Manager, Digital Virgo

Edgar Kra ~ Business Development Manager, Bizao

James McNab ~ MD Africa, Basebone

17.00 QATAR
João Bastos ~ TIMWE

17.30 MENA
Khalil Khalil ~ K&C SAL Offshore

Wednesday 16th October 2019

Ivan Poh ~ Manager, Payment Service, MACROKIOSK,

11.30 NORWAY
Frode Alvad ~ Head of Product & Business Development, Strex

12.30 UK
Kevin Dawson ~ CEO, Dynamic Mobile Billing

13.30 TURKEY
Thomas Blonz ~ Sales Director, Payguru

These sessions proved to be extremely popular at last year’s event, so be sure to drop by the Empello Country Update Theatre during your visit to Marbella and meet the team.