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Empello Country Updates

Tuesday 10th October 2017

09:30 UAE
10:30 Qatar
11:30 Egypt
12:30 Turkey

14:30 Brazil
15:30 South Africa
16:30 Mexico
17:30 UK
18:00 Russia
Sergey Bohuslavsky ~ Business Development Manager, Fbilling

Wednesday 11th October 2017

10:30 Belgium
11:30 Germany
12:30 Poland

13:30 France
14:30 Italy
15:30 Spain
16:30 Portugal

Each 30 min Session Features

Gavin Dent ~ Co-Founder, Empello
Jeremy Flynn ~ Co-Founder, Empello

PLUS Country Managers from Empello together with co-presenters representing billing gateways, aggregators, service providers and / or network operators – will be on hand to answer all your questions about these exciting markets.

  • Market Overview
  • Latest News
  • Top Services
  • Major Content Providers
  • Billing & Subscription Options
  • Carrier & Regulator Rules
  • Compliance Overview
  • Marketing & Ad Flow (examples)

These sessions proved to be extremely popular at last year’s event [in Marbella], and Empello have promised an even stronger line-up for World Telemedia 2017, so be sure to drop by the Empello Country Update Theatre during your visit to Marbella and meet the team.