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Schedule [Draft]

Monday 9th October 2017

09:30 T53 Golf Day

10:00 Registration Opens

Private Lunch
13:00 International Voice
  • Fighting fraud, hijackers & FAS

(By invitation only)

15:00 Meet Market Opens
(Malaga Suite – at pool level)

18:00 Piano Bar Open
Sponsored by

18:30 to 20:30 Sun Terrace Drinks Reception
Sponsored by Veoo

21:30 to 23:30 Platinum Party
Sponsored by International Premiums , Telecom 2, Veoo & Mobile Life

23:00 to 00:30 After Party
Sponsored by Mobile Life & Reliance Compliancy

Tuesday 10th October 2017

09:00 Expo Lounge Opens
(Castilla Suite)

Empello Country Updates
09.30 UAE
10.30 Qatar
11:30 Egypt
12:30 Turkey

Spotlight Sessions
10.00 VAS – Getting MNOs On Side
11:00 Carrier Billing & Mobile Money
12:00 Print & Broadcast – Direct Response Trends

11:30 Speed Networking 1

13:00 Directors* / Working Lunch

Private Lunch
13:00 UK Domestic
  • Billing Disputes & AIT update

Sponsored by Telecom 2
(By invitation only)

Empello Country Updates
14:30 Brazil
15:30 South Africa
16:30 Mexico
17:30 UK
18:00 Russia

Spotlight Sessions
14.00 Acquiring “Safe Traffic” at the “Right Price”
15:00 Engagement, Monetisation & Paywalls
16:00 VAS & Content Profiles & Key Verticals
17:00 Controlling Affiliate Traffic & Social Media

16:30 Speed Networking 2

18:00 Sponsor Hospitality Breakouts
  • International Voice 1
  • UK Carrier Billing Forum
  • Value Added Services & Content 1

18:00 Piano Bar Open
Sponsored by

18:00 Expo Drinks & Canapés
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19:30 to 22:00 Client Dinners 

22:00 to 00:00 Party In The Port
Sponsored by Empello

* Supplement required

Wednesday 11th October 2017

10:00 Expo Lounge Opens
(Castilla Suite)

Empello Country Updates
10.30 Belgium
11.30 Germany
12.30 Poland

Spotlight Sessions
10.00 Mobile Video & In App Messaging
11:00 Enhancing Services With Mobile Data
12:00 Mobile Adverting & Ad Blocking
13:00 OTT Messaging – WhatsApp, Facebook

11:30 Speed Networking 3

13:00 to 14:00 Working Lunch

Private Lunch
13:00 Managing Consumers
  • Consumer rights & handling complaints

(By invitation only)

Empello Country Updates
13.30 France
14.30 Italy
15.30 Spain
16.30 Portugal

Spotlight Sessions
14.00 Alternative Payments & Wallets
15:00 Managing the Consumer Experience
16:00 Price Points, Compliance & Conversion

16:30 Speed Networking 4

16:30 Sponsor Hospitality Breakouts
  • International Voice 2
  • Rules & Regulations Update
  • Value Added Services & Content 2

17:30 Expo Close

18:00 Piano Bar Open
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We continue to develop the Telemedia industry’s key pitch [to verticals] of “how carrier billing & engagement technologies can drive value added services and help monetise content”. We’re also building ever stronger links with the vibrant world of Affiliate and Advertising Networks in order to help Merchants & Content Owners understand how to maximise these powerful routes to market. We can also confidently predict another fantastic line-up high level speakers and hosts representing some of the leading networks, aggregators, payment gateways and VAS providers.

NEW “Spotlight” Sessions

Our new “Spotlight” program provides “bite-size” open sessions which offer delegates a wider choice of topics and presentations in a quick fire (20min) format. This enables them to pick and choose the most relevant presentations which, in turn frees up valuable time for networking and meetings. Sessions will cover “issues of the day”, case study presentation and panel discussions; all designed to guide both buyers and suppliers towards future opportunities – through new technologies, markets, partnerships and service propositions.

Empello Country Updates

Many of our delegates are looking to enter new international markets or develop their business in existing ones. Each update will be co-hosted with incumbent specialists that represent billing gateways, aggregators, service providers and / or network operators. During these “quick-fire drop in” sessions, delegates will gain valuable local knowledge, expertise and insight; to help assess new commercial opportunities and learn how to succeed in each of our featured markets.

Each Country Update Session includes:

  • Market Overview
  • Latest News
  • Top Services
  • Major Content Providers
  • Billing & Subscription Options
  • Carrier & Regulator Rules
  • Compliance Overview
  • Marketing & Ad Flow (examples)

Sponsor Hospitality Breakouts

Like-minded delegates are invited to grab a glass, head for the relevant sponsor hospitality area and mingle with some specially selected “hosts” that are ready to discuss some of the key “issues of the day”.