Join Us in Prague for World Telemedia 2015

Carrier Billing for Premium Content, Services & Applications

World Telemedia is for any business that wants to engage and commercialize “connected consumers” – as they use their telephones, smartphones, tablets and other “online” devices to interact with a wide range of media, content, service and payment proposition.

It’s become an established trading and information exchange for domestic and international providers – in a value chain where the currency is typically based on premium traffic, minutes and messages or other direct operator billing solutions.

World Telemedia is now a key “destination” for innovative entrepreneurs that wish to develop new services using the latest technology and distribution networks – in partnership with:

  • Media & Data Owners
  • Marketing & Advertising Agencies
  • Premium Content Promoters
  • App Development Companies
  • Aggregators & Resellers
  • Technology & Service Providers
  • Billing, Payment & Collection Providers
  • Network Operators, Carriers, Telcos & ISPs